Course Outlines

Introduction to Bitcoin – 1 Day

Introduction to Bitcoin provides a broad overview of the history and current state of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency world, including an introduction to the technical basis of the system. Suitable for non-technical, as well as technical, delegates.

  1. Nakamoto Document – Abstract and Intro, Launch, Open Source
  2. Cryptographic Primitives – Hash Function, Public Keys
  3. Decentralized Database
  4. Transactions
  5. Blockchain
  6. Block Mining
  7. Accessing the Blockchain, Utilities KU and TX, Wallets.
  8. All about Wallets and Personal Bitcoin Security.
  9. Unexpected Development of Mining – CPU, GPU, FPGA, ASICS, Mining Pools.
  10. Bitcoin Stakeholders – Developers (Bitcoin Foundation), Miners, Investors, Users, Merchants
  11. Beyond Bitcoin – Altcoins, Blockchain Applications, Blockchain Development, Blocksize? Transaction Rate? (Hard Fork, Soft Fork, Side Chains, OP_RETURN, New Blockchain) Ethereum et al

Cryptography and Blockchain Basics – 1 Day

Cryptography and Blockchain Basics provides an introduction to the technical basis of bitcoin, including the design of the blockchain and the cryptographic primitives it relies on. While the course does not assume any previous knowledge, delegates of a non-technical background might find some of the material challenging.

  1. History of Cryptography
  2. The Communication Channel
  3. Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography
  4. Public and Private Keys
  5. Hash Functions, SHA256
  6. Proof-of-work
  7. Bitcoin Addresses
  8. Hash Pointers
  9. The Double-Spend Problem
  10. The Blockchain